In Memoriam: The Internet Tool That Shaped Me, Fashion Studies Journal

Forget Me Not, Vol. 1 of my collection of visual memoir essays, published through email newsletter (Vol.2+ is published exclusively through my Patreon)

Me and My Mother In Sickness and Health, Medium

Tales of an NYC Tenant, from a New-To-The-Neighborhood Veteran, Into the City

Manhattan Taught Me How to Love, Medium

Joe Kubert, A VisuaLecture by Arlen Schumer, The Rumpus

A Panel Sequence Workshop with Tom Motley, The Rumpus

How Growing Up Catholic Helped Me Relate To Miley Cyrus, She is Fierce


Here, Pieces of Cake Mag, online, 2013

Someone Special Sleeps Here, Self-published collection, 2013

Gutter Rats, Spillway, issue 16, print, 2011