Delaney Gibbons is a Philadelphia-raised artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and writer, currently based in Chicago.

She specializes in designing for marketing and social media campaigns to help brands attract new audiences and drive engagement. She also creates comics and zines, murals, and editorial illustrations.


For commissions and freelance inquiries, email delaneygibbons@gmail.com.


Personal Essay

In Memoriam: The Internet Tool That Shaped Me, Fashion Studies Journal, 2018
A Loop of Fate, Medium, 2015
Me and My Mother In Sickness and Health, Medium, 2015
Manhattan Taught Me How to Love, Medium, 2013
Tales of an NYC Tenant from a New-To-The-Neighborhood Veteran, Into the City, 2013


describe your mother, Gris-Gris, 2019
Here, Pieces of Cake Mag, 2013
Gutter Rats, Spillway, print issue 16, 2011

Delaney Gibbons