dscout Brand

dscout Brand

Business cards

Over the past two years

as a designer on the small but mighty Dscout marketing team, I've had the opportunity to play a big part in forming the look and feel of the brand—helping to steer the direction of its look, voice, and feel, while stretching my muscles as an illustrator, designer, and marketer.


In-context insights in real time

My goal for this hero image—the first thing viewers would see upon arriving at the Dscout website—was to encapsulate the tool's best features: the ability to capture everyday moments, from real people, in real time, so that companies know exactly how to make their products and services better.


Getting started

Creating the illustrations for this page provided a unique challenge: explain Dscout's benefits to potential customers, ranging from solo researchers to C-level decision makers.


dscout for teams

For customers seeking volume access to the product, these illustrations explain the premium benefits they can expect, like enhanced security and VIP access to certain features.


Use Cases

We identified nine of the most common uses cases for using Dscout to conduct in-context research. The corresponding illustrated banners became a jumping off point for subsequent sales materials. See all of them in situ here

  General use banner

General use banner


Spots and icons

A big part of my job is depicting complex conceptual ideas—as can be seen in this selection of illustrated icons and elements used throughout the website, in sales decks, and for other marketing material.


People Nerd Game Night

I designed the game-themed invite and name tags for this fun event, and as the official People Nerd portrait painter, I also provided live-drawn portraits of partygoers throughout the evening!


scout side

The app side of the Dscout product is where Scouts (our name for  study participants) interact and complete "missions". Here are a few spot illustrations I made for the on-boarding sequence inside the app, as well as some fun illos used in scout email communications. 


Always Be Curious

I designed this notebook cover for our first real piece of brand swag, printed through Scout Books.