dscout Brand Case Study

I started as dscout’s first dedicated marketing designer in the fall of 2016. Once my illustrated People Nerd portraits and blog headers gained traction, the rest of the brand’s marketing presence felt lackluster in comparison. The team decided that dscout could benefit from incorporating illustration into the brand.

As I was the only marketing designer and had little to no prior experience designing a visual language from scratch, I had my work cut out for me. To prepare, I spent weeks researching how other companies went about creating and implementing brand illustration, mostly from the big names like Dropbox, Slack, and Shopify, to name a few (side note–I owe a debt of gratitude to those design teams for their generosity in openly sharing what they’ve learned!).

I also picked the brains of my coworkers, many of whom were dscout veterans, to get a better sense of our company’s voice and vision. Then, I set out to define dscout’s visual marketing language.

dscout brand

Use Case cards

I eased into the task by first illustrating use case cards for dscout’s 9 core methodologies. Since those were very conceptual, I kept the imagery more geometric and flat. Next, we were relaunching our website, so I created headers and spots that illustrated the main functions and features of the platform.

The new illustrations incorporated the color palette from the use case cards, and some of the geometric elements, while allowing for a bit more texture and loose brush strokes. The goal was to capture a sense of human empathy that is central to dscout’s mission.


Initial website illustrations

From those initial use case cards and website graphics, I fleshed out the illustration library that would become dscout’s first visual brand language. As the platform evolved, the original palette and style proved a bit limiting, so I added black and white line versions of many icons.

You can still spot the illustrations throughout dscout.com and some UI spots in the mobile app, as well as on myriad sales and promotional materials.


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