How to Ace the Dreaded Whiteboard Challenge
  The Well-Curated User Research Resource Roundup You've Been Looking For
  Designing Remote Qual Studies To Capture Rich Contextual Data  — tips for researchers to get the most out of the dscout platform.
 Spot illustrations for  Designing Remote Qual Studies To Capture Rich Contextual Data
  Tagging tips from  People Nerds  — on tagging and coding qualitative data to make research analysis easier.
  Reading the Room  — tips and advice for better understanding group dynamics and keeping people engaged in meetings.
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  Fighting for Research Integrity  — on navigating corporate research challenges like tight timeframes, isolation, and stakeholder influence.
  Finding the Golden Moments of the Winter Games Experience  — a field report with the CBC on Canadians’ user experience with the Winter Olympics.
  Talk to me (it's Human Nature)  — a field report with Cristina Poindexter, the founder of talk therapy app Maslo, on empathetic AI and the future of engaging with tech.
  Check out my Checkout  — a field report with Shopify’s Emma Craig who discusses some of the stressors that come with online shopping.
  Make Your Research Eye-Opening  — strategies for building and maintaining momentum with clients and stakeholders.
  Advocating with Impact  — strategies for ensuring that your research insights make a lasting impact in the organization.
  The dscout Tip Sheet  — an ongoing resource with helpful advice for researchers using dscout.
  New dscout Features Make Collaborating with Your Team Easier Than Ever
  The Hats of the Researcher  — on the different hats researchers wear when presenting their work.
  5 Best Practices for Engaging Your Stakeholders in Research
 Design researcher  Yasmine Khan  on what museums can teach us about communicating research insights.
  Paula Zuccotti  is the author of the book “Every Thing We Touch,” a cultural snapshot of modern life that documents every object people engaged with over a 24-hour period.
 Researcher and cultural strategist  Umi Hsu  on mapping, music, and making culture meaningful and equitable.
 New York Times Magazine columnist and master interviewer  David Marchese  breaks down the art of conversation.
 Anthropologist  Rachel Ceasar  on the inextricable link between cultural and socio-economic bias in healthcare.
 Neuroscientist  Brian Levine  on memory, subjectivity and the importance of details.
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